The Single Girls (1974)

“Dr. Phillip Stevens” (Wayne C. Dvorak) is a psychiatrist who has set up a private practice on a tropical island and caters to singles who are experiencing intimacy issues. His therapy mainly involves things like group encounter sessions, sensitivity training and a host of other new-age techniques which implicitly encourage public or private encounters of a sexual nature. What he doesn’t count on is the patronage of a psychotic killer who hunts down his guests one by one. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this had a couple of good things going for it. First, it had some attractive actresses in Claudia Jennings (as “Allison”) and to a lesser extent Jean Marie Ingels (“Phyllis”) which the directors (Beverly and Fred Sebastian) made sure to give ample coverage. Likewise, they also managed to maintain the mystery until the very end which seems to be a lost science in many of the films of today. On the other hand, I thought some of the scenes could have used more suspense and the script needed a bit more attention as well. Additionally, both the beautiful tropical scenery and the talents of Robyn Hilton (“Denise”) were essentially wasted for the most part. In any case, while this wasn’t a bad movie by any means, it could have been better and I have rated it accordingly