Face to Face (1967)

Take three of the finest Spaghetti Western actors (Gian Maria Volente, Tomas Milian and William Berger), the great direction of Sergio Sollima (The Big Gundown) and a gripping topsy turvey story of power and you get Face to Face.

Volente stars as Brad, a Professor that inadvertently becomes embroiled in Beau’s (Milian) revolution when taken hostage by the bandit. It is not long before Brad becomes attracted to Beau’s way of life, with the film superbly capturing his gradual corruption by power. Meanwhile, Beau’s character develops an increasing compassion for his people and their life. The interplay between these two actors works brilliantly, and ably assisted by Berger as Siringo – a lawman disguised as one of Beau’s gang.

Morricone’s soundtrack is, as ever, fantastic. All in all, this is a true Spaghetti gem – Italian cinema at its near finest.