Rojo (1966)

EL ROJO is a 1966 spaghetti western featuring a role for none other than former peplum star Richard Harrison. The arresting opening sequence of the movie features a whole family of travellers attacked by a merciless Indian who murders each of them in turn, woman and child included. Later, Richard Harrison rides into town, the last surviving member of the massacred family, and inevitably he’s looking for revenge.

The film that played out is pretty ordinary and features all of the usual staples of the genre, from the shoot-outs and character twists to the bad dubbing and stylish music. Nieves Navarro is an arresting presence as the love interest of the piece, while Harrison plays it subdued throughout and looks very swarthy. It’s not one of the finest spaghetti westerns in existence but it does the job well enough, and at least it’s never boring.