Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)

A giant meteor crashes on the Earth’s surface in Japan(where else?). Out from this comes a monster from Mars that destroyed the Martian race and now wants to destroy humankind. The monster is none other than Ghidrah(Ghidorah), perhaps the greatest enemy faced by Godzilla in any of his films. Ghidrah is a neat monster with his three heads and tails. He spews electrical currents from his mouths. Is mankind’s existence to be forever extinguished? No. With the help of Mothra’s fairies who just happen to be visiting Japan during this “global” crisis, Mothra is sent to Godzilla and Rodan to try and convince them to help the people of the world and fight Ghidrah. The twin fairies, probably fatigued from singing a couple fine songs, translate what the mosters say. Rodan and Godzilla are wary of helping mankind, and would rather beat on each other, making one Japanese spectator remark, “These monsters are as stupid as human beings!” This is a fun film. The monsters look as you would expect. Rodan, for whatever reasons, looks particularly cheesy and fake, but Godzilla is fitted with a neat rubber suit. Yep, miniature towns are destroyed in this one too. The acting all around is very good for a film like this. The story is pretty good too. You cannot go wrong with a giant lizard, a giant reptillian prehistoric bird, and a giant caterpillar duking it out with a three-headed space monster. Throw in two charming, musically-inclined island fairies and an assasination plot of a princess into the mix as well… not to mention the directing skill of Inshiro Honda and the fabulous music of Akira Ifukube and you just cannot miss!