Cyborg 2087 (1966)

Often dismissed as a “quickie” movie using a great deal of television elements, “Cyborg 2087” is a prime example of what Hollywood was trying to do between the late fifties and mid-sixties: get people (especially the kids) away from the television set and back into the movie theaters. This film tried (sometimes successfully) to combine two popular genres of t.v. at the time; westerns and science fiction. Half-human robots, having a “shoot out” in a western town using ray guns to rescue the girl (played by a former “Mouseketeer”, no less). Listen for the Paul Dunlap soundtrack, which should be familiar — it was used for several t.v. shows, movies, and even Hanna Barbara cartoons! Also, check out the “hip lingo” used by the teens.The sad part is to see classically-trained actor Michael Rennie trying to make a living wearing a silver spacesuit after being typecast as a “sci-fi guy” in “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.