Storm Warning (2007)

The lawyer Rob (Robert Taylor) and his French wife Pia (Nadia Farès) rent a small motor boat to spend the day fishing at the sea. In the end of the day, Rob decides to steer the boat through marsh islands but they become lost and stranded while a storm is coming.

Rob decides to walk with Pia to find a shelter and they reach a dilapidated house with no one home. Rob also finds a decrepit greenhouse with a plantation of marijuana. Out of the blue, three rednecks arrive in the place and the abusive and deranged brothers Jimmy (David Lyons) and Brett (Mathew Wilkinson) point shotguns to them and torture Rob and Pia while their father “Poppy” (John Brumpton) goes to his room to rest. The couple soon realizes that Pia will be raped by the sadistic and they will be killed after and they decide to fight back.

“Storm Warning” is a brutal and gore slasher with an unoriginal storyline that surprisingly works well, supported by great direction and performances and excellent cinematography, special effects and camera work. The decision of Pia, when she learns that she will be raped by the rednecks, is the best moment of this highly recommended film.