All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

I’m surprised at what a good horror flick this turned out to be. It starts slow but it really picks up with a few twist that make it stand out from other horror flicks, kinda like the horror film, You’re Next did a year back, putting a different spin on what at first seem like a by the numbers horror film, though All Cheerleaders Die is a few levels down from You’re Next.

I went to go see the movie because I was hoping because of the title that I would see a group of hot sexy cheerleaders getting killed with some possible nudity and I got all that plus a little girl on girl, but it’s technically not enough of it to really keep you interested.

The movie strength is that it points out how horrifyingly Horrible popular teens can be. Just when you think you understand how stereotypical the plot is, another cool kid comes in and adds another dimension to it. It goes from a revenge flick to a supernatural horror flick and then to something else entirely, and the story all blends together well.

This was a fun ride worth the watch.