The Night God Screamed (1971)

There are certain films that are really well written and very scary, but they are totally unlucky. I recall “Let’s scare Jessica to death”, which is a very very creepy movie, and you just hope this tension would end, at mean time you hope it would never end. Nobody talks about “Let’s scare Jessica to death”, and you can’t find a DVD or data about it, or even watch it on TV. The same is applicable to “The night God scream”, which is a very well written movie, that captures the real essence of horror. There are no zombies or special effects. No bowels or beheading and certainly no rotten corpses, but it’s a hell of a movie that makes your blood freeze. You breathe with difficulty and you sit at the edge of the chair. Nobody really understands what the real horror is.. What you see in “Saw”, “Van helsing” and “Scream” is just gore. I am not amazed that there was only one comment about such a great movie, because it was born unlucky like “Let’s scare Jessica…”. If you are not into gore and rotten corpses, and you think that apprehension is the real essence of horror, then do yourself a favor and go find this movie.