Slugs (1988)

Why isn’t Juan Piquer Simon celebrated for the repulsive cinematic magic he has created? No only did he makes “Slugs”, he made “Pieces”, too, and even took a crack at Jules Verne’s “Journey To The Center of the Earth”. I read Shaun Hutson’s “Slugs” long before I experienced the movie, and I even read the sequel, “Breeding Ground”, before seeing the movie. In three words, it is thoroughly disgusting entertainment, with echoes of Jeff Lieberman’s great “Squirm”. The Spanish/Mexican blending of scenes doesn’t really work, but who cares? The film, like any Ed Wood or Rene Cardona film, is entertaining. The slug attacks are gory and unrestrained and Simon’s direction of the little critters is better than his direction of the actors. Lap it up!