From the Earth to the Moon (1958)

A scientist (Joseph Cotton) and a millionaire arms dealer (George Sanders) team up on the construction of a rocket to blast themselves to the Moon. This movie was based on a Jules Verne classic — but it completely lacks the charm and the quality of `Journey to the Center of the Earth’ and `20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’.

Even though the cast includes Morris Ankrum (the Grand Old Man of vintage sci-fi) to provide dignity, and Debra Paget to provide scenery (watch `Princess of the Nile’ and go quietly insane), it wasn’t enough to save this numbingly slow and unappealing film.

Some of the special effects are astoundingly bad, considering the fair production standards. In the scenes of the blast-off, the supporting bar which holds up the rocket model is clearly visible! Fans of `Forbidden Planet’ will notice the heavy use of the `electronic tonalities’ borrowed from that classic. Directed by Byron Haskins, who did both `War of the Worlds’ and `The Conquest of Space’.