The Man Who Turned to Stone (1957)

While “The Man Who Turned to Stone” may at first look like just another schlocky horror film but it turns out to be highly original and well worth watching!

The story is set at a women’s reformatory. Too many of the young ladies seem to be dying by accidents or suicides and Dr. Rogers decides to look into the matter. Through the course of the film, he learns that the folks running the facility are actually incredibly old…over 200 years old! It seems that they came upon a way to transfer the life essence from a young lady into them…allowing them to seemingly live forever. However, if they don’t get the transfer of energy, these folks become mindless and soon turn to mummies (complete with really cool make-up). Can he get to the heart of things before evil Dr. Murdock (Victor Jory) or his minions stop him?

What I really liked about the movie is that they managed to make a ridiculous story idea seem plausible. It also had a well thought out plot and was clever and engaging throughout.