Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971)

Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb’ isn’t one of Hammer’s very best, but it’s still a ripping yarn about an expedition to Egypt which inadvertently awakens the powers of an evil Egyptian Queen with disastrous results. The movie is based on a Bram Stoker novel I’m not familiar with so I can’t vouch for how faithful the adaptation is, but I found it to be extremely entertaining viewing. Andrew Keir, who had previously played Professor Quatermass in Hammer’s excellent ‘Quatermass And The Pit’, is the leader of the expedition, and the stunning Valerie Leon, best known as a regular in the ‘Carry On’ series, plays the duel role of his daughter and the evil Queen Tera. The movie is full of thrills and chills, a strong supporting cast (including James Villers and the wonderful Aubrey Morris), and good production values, but I must admit I was as much mesmerized by Ms. Leon’s killer cleavage as anything else on the screen! Hubba hubba! ‘Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb’ is more remembered for the so-called curse during its production, but it deserves more than that. It’s yet another enjoyable movie from the underrated Hammer studios, and is definitely worth a look. And not just to perv on Valerie Leon!