Devil’s Angels (1967)

An exiled band of Hell’s Angels strike a bargain with the Sheriff of a local town, let them stay and the town is safe. But a local girl strays into their lair and sparks off a full scale Angel war.

Nothing like a good old Arkoff-Nicholson-Corman production featuring bikers who are sick of “the Man” and want to fight, camp under the stars, and get crazy. Not a bad thing, but not really much in the way of originality here, either. I mean, after all, this was cashing in on their previous film, “Wild Angels”, which was cashing in on the Hell’s Angels’ notoriety (and apparently the AIP guys ran into legal trouble for trying to put the Angels name in the movies… but who knows?) Now, besides the three guys mentioned above, we must mention the director: Daniel Haller. Probably not as well known as those guys, but he was the set designer for the AIP Poe films, so he was one of the family.

I guess the film grossed $4 million, which is not bad for a low-budget flick with no big names — with all due respect to John Cassavetes (who horror fans know from “Rosemary’s Baby”) and Mimsy Farmer (who worked with Italian horror masters Argento, Fulci and Deodato).