Ghostkeeper (1981)

Ghostkeeper probably has one of the best horror movie settings ever, in my opinion. It takes place in an isolated old lodge (Deer Lodge, an actual functioning resort)amid the snowy Canadian Rockies, surrounded by huge snow-covered mountains and towering evergreen trees. The outdoor scenes alone make the film worth seeing. Once we get inside the lodge, we start running into some lighting issues. In some cases, the overly dark scenes are effective, especially when all you can really see are the character’s piercing eyes. Also effective are the shots of the wendigo’s basement enclosure, which is made out of blocks of ice, emitting an eerie blue light. Very cool. I also thought Paul Zaza’s score worked well for the film. In particular, there is a strange synthesizer part that sounds like distorted wind or maybe a train…whatever it is, it’s spooky as hell. The acting, unfortunately, is mediocre with the notable exception of Georgie Collins, who plays the “ghostkeeper”. Her performance, especially in her last scene, is really disturbing and frightening. I recommend Ghostkeeper to any serious horror fan who likes creepy, atmospheric films.