Mary! Mary! (1977)

Ned (John Leslie) can’t keep his wife Mary (Constance Money) satisfied due to his premature ejaculation. When he wishes that he could last longer, a devil like person shows up and offers him a cream that will turn him into a stub but he must exchange his soul for it.

MARY! MARY! is a film that I had never heard of until Vinegar Syndrome announced it for release. Quite often I don’t like all of the films that they release but I always give them a try because the titles are usually at least interesting in their own way. Of course, they also release some real gems and that’s exactly what this picture was. This falls into that “Golden Era of Porn” when stories could be interesting and the style even more so.

What makes this film so good is that it’s actually well-made and features a fairly interesting story for what it was. I thought there were some pretty funny scenes scattered throughout the picture including an early on where Ned is being satisfied under his desk and a friend shows up and just can’t get the hint to leave. There’s another sequence with a couple cops (including Rene Bond) that leads to some funny stuff and a rather impressive car chase sequence.

The film ends with a large orgy as well as a really fun trip that’s a lot better than any of the drug movies we saw from the 1960’s. Of course, the film benefits from a nice cast who do a nice job in their roles. Money really doesn’t get enough to do but you can’t really bash the film because everyone is so good in their roles that no matter who is on the screen you’re being entertained.