The Nightmare (2015)

I am a little split on this one.. On one side, the stories, the experiences these people have had, some of them are downright chilling. ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ really goes for this. You can’t make this stuff up! (well, some probably could, but I doubt they have. Well, of course, it is the brain/subconscious of these people that are making it up. You know what I mean.. right?)

On the other side, though, I found it to be slightly annoying that many of these people think that there is something paranormal going on. It’s not. We know what sleep paralysis is. It’s all in the mind. But most of the people that are interviewed, seems to think that they are seeing demons or aliens or something of the sort.

So I was intrigued and entertained, then a little annoyed, then entertained again, and so on. Anyway!

The visuals are great. There’s some really creepy stuff. These people must have been terrified. I jumped pretty good at one scene, and I was creeped out a lot of times. It’s not your usual documentary, it’s a horror movie AND a documentary.

It’s made in a sort of playful way, and I was just entertained through out.

Funny thing: I have this thing where I wake up at night and see some kind of hallucination for a couple of seconds, then it fades out. And the night I saw this I had one of those, it was some kind of creature lying besides me, opening it’s mouth, the it faded away as it kind of slowly moved away and the mouth kept opening wider. But I’m used to seeing all kinds of weird stuff, so I immediately knew what it was. I also woke up several times during the night, being kind of confused. What I’m trying to say is: it made an impact on me.