No Postage Necessary – Now Available

No Postage Necessary – Now Available

Love and laughter along with lies, heartbreak, and regret is the roller coaster ride of emotions that Sam (George Blagden) and Josie (Charleene Closshey) experience from start to finish in the feel good movie No Postage Necessary.  

In the opening scene of No Postage Necessary a news montage shows the serious threats of cyber security affecting the world.  It also introduces Sam and how in the past he hacked large corporations and that he was caught and convicted for his crimes and sent to jail for three years.  Now currently out of prison, he’s living the not so much a dream life as he’s on probation, resides at his brother’s house, works a minimum wage job in a giant ice cream cone, and is not allowed to access the internet or it’ll be clear violation of his probation.  His ice cream gig isn’t satisfying enough financially, so his other way of income is committing mail fraud. Sam poses as a postal delivery person and steals mail with money in it from residential mailboxes.

One letter he steals really gets to him and touches his heart.  It’s a letter from Josie to her late husband, who was a Marine and died in battle while serving in Afghanistan.  Josie is an intriguing character and her expressions and eyes tell her sad story. It’s obvious she’s a very caring person, but is in terrible pain from losing her husband. She also struggles with her daughter Daisy (Michelle Moreno).  Daisy is a good girl, but possibly losing her dad has her acting out in various ways including being anti-social and aggression at school. In Josie’s letters she tells her late husband that she wants to move on but struggles. The questions is raised, will Sam be the one that gets Josie to start a new life and will he be there to support and assist with Daisy?

The love story plot is established, however Sam is faced with a big problem when his past starts to catch up.  FBI Agent Ames (Stelio Savante) confronts Sam about a million bitcoins that were stolen back in the day when Sam was hacking companies.  Sam is threatened by Agent Ames to return the coins within three days or he goes back to prison. Stanley (Robbie Kay) who was Sam’s partner in crime was the one behind the missing bitcoins, but where are they?  Stanley now works with Sam in the giant ice cream cone and recently has turned to Jesus. His new faith based life may have a little more in store later as you’ll find out.

Meanwhile, Sam continues to steal and read Josie’s letters and it’s obvious he’s getting emotionally involved.  It gets to the point where he has to know more about her, so he does the next normal thing and stalks her daily whereabouts.  When he finally has to meet her he knows he can’t walk up to her and introduce himself as the guy secretly stealing her mail, so instead he stages a con to make him look like a hero in her eyes, which almost ends up in a tragedy.  It’s a gradual building relationship and has its ups and downs, but it appears that Sam may be the one, as he makes her feel comfortable and she opens up to him.

A lot is at stake throughout the movie including Sam and Josie’s relationship, Sam’s criminal past including Agent Ames and the missing bitcoins, and Sam has a lot to prove to his probation officer Harry (Michael Beach) and prove that he truly cares about Josie to her father Jack (Raymond J. Barry).  Not every dramedy has a fairy tale ending and the ending of No Postage Necessary is a surprise and well done.   

No Postage Necessary was written by Jeremy Culver and he did an excellent job consistently raising the stakes and including conflict that keeps the story’s momentum moving at a good pace without any lulls.  There’s twists and turns that work well and are not just dumped in for shock value. It’s a structurally sound screenplay that also provides an adequate amount of foreshadowing that all tie together during the climax of the movie.  The characters goals are established and the audience gets to know them all within the first ten minutes or so of the movie. The dialog is intriguing, comical and witty and the dramatic scenes are believable making the audience even more drawn into the characters.  The well written screenplay needed a good director to bring it to life and that director happens to also be Jeremy Culver. He did an excellent job getting the best from his cast and crew and utilize his resources. Culver was able to make his indie budget film come out with the quality of a big budget production studio.

Find out what happens to Sam, Josie, Daisy and the others by checking out No Postage Necessary which is currently available.  In addition to the film being an engrossing dramedy, how the movie is being released is exciting.  Two Roads Picture has teamed up with Vevue and will distribute No Postage Necessary via blockchain technology and it will be available for purchase by using cryptocurrency.  For more information visit the movie’s website