Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (1974)

The Jeffersons’ honeymoon night in Hong Kong will be troubled by a number of people wishing to get hold of a Buddha statuette that the husband offered her when window-shopping that day. When the going gets rough, it helps that Cal Jefferson is a top American boxer…

I was at a friend’s house in Milwaukee and she had on a local station playing “Ghoulies”. So far, so good. During the commercials, it said “Swamp Thing” was next followed by “Bamboo Gods and Iron Men”. I was intrigued. I did not get to see any pictures or previews, and I had never heard of the movie (and judging by the ranking here, neither has anyone else). I had to see it.

Because of it being after the movies it was, I thought it was going to be a jungle adventure film, maybe some elements of fantasy or science fiction. I did not expect an amalgamation of martial arts and boxing… but I have no complaints! How did the station even find this movie? No idea, but I am glad it did.