Exposure – Review

Produced by Clayton Ashley, Jake Jackson and Austin Snell
Written by Jake Jackson and Austin Snell
Directed by Austin Snell

Carmen Anello as Myra/Grandfather creature
Owen Lawless as James
Lynn Lowry as Grandmother
Bruce Smith as Grandfather

Exposure has a great throwback early 80s horror style quality including sound effects and music which right off the bat made the film appealing. The story revolves around Myra (Carmen Anello) and James (Owen Lawless) a couple that has a good relationship, but need to work out few things.  They head up to James’ grandparents old house secluded in the mountains. With only Myra and James staying at the cabin it’s evident this is going to be an intense psycho thriller and not a slasher attacking and hacking a group of young adults.

Things seem to go great for the two being away from everyday life and Myra gets to do some painting which is a passion of her’s.  Probably a little distracting that she’s hearing eerie voices from the forest surround her when she’s getting her paint set from the car.  Adding to the mystery is when James doesn’t want to talk about his grandparents after they accidentally break a picture of them while trying to passionately “reconcile” their relationship.  

Things start to get interesting when James wakes up in a panic and creepily heads to the front door.  When he opens the door there’s a green haze outside which apparently entices him to walk out into. After a night of wandering the eerie green haze, James finally shares the tragically bizarre story about his grandparents with Myra.  

Too clear their minds they go out to enjoy nature and James does a little fishing.  He catches or snags a type of fish, animal, actually creature would be the best description.  Not a friendly one as it bites James. The comical part is when James can’t handle seeing his own blood and faints and Myra’s “what a wimp” type look and smirk was priceless.

Throughout the film the couple has their ups and downs which is mostly brought upon by the tense situation and unexplained scary moments.  They intensify when once again, James wanders off, but this time he hasn’t returned which is exactly what happened with his grandpa. And just like his grandma, Myra goes out looking for him when the authorities won’t help because he hasn’t been missing for 24 hours.   

It’s rather creepy when Myra encounters James’ grandma (Lynn Lowry) and she’s searching for something or someone and doesn’t even acknowledge Myra’s existence.  We then meet the grandpa (Bruce Smith) in his new form as a hideous creature. With only about 20 minutes left, the suspension and horror intensify and Myra is put in some extremely difficult situations, but will she survive and will she break James heart or worse do to it?

Exposure is due out this month and will be playing on Showtime starting October 15th. To watch the trailer and for more information, visit the Facebook page and Sun Runner Films website.