Hard Rock Zombies (1985)

Traveling to a remote small-town, an emerging hard rock band scheduled to perform in the area finds the backlash against their music so severe the town eventually kills them, only to soon be resurrected as undead ghouls seeking revenge and turning the rest of the town into zombies as well.

This here wasn’t all that bad although it did have a few issues. One of the few bright spots to the film is the absolutely bonkers and bizarre storyline that really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense here. The fact that this backwoods town, which includes everything from inbred hicks, sexual deviants, murderous dwarves and deformities as well as being the secret hiding place of Hitler and his mistress, gives this a truly deranged atmosphere that makes for a wholly enjoyable setup. It truly doesn’t seem to conform to any singular type of offensive group to be after these sorts of people as it seems to be such a varied mix that none of it makes sense as to how the town functions at all with so many disparate elements of society represented here. That weirdness carries over into the rampage where the deranged bloodlust that sweeps through the town causes a series of enjoyable scenes with them killing off the group. From the surprise ambush in the bathroom while taking a shower with one of them to the chase through the outer parts of the village and into the countryside surrounding everything which is all quite delirious fun and exciting seeing the varying kills being committed in an over-the-top gleeful manner. That their eventual rampage on the citizens of the town responsible leas into the uproarious and silly final half with all manner of fun to be had from the connection between the zombies overrunning the town and the rock bands’ performance. Coupled with the fine cheesy nature of the film from the songs and the overall make-up here, these here are enough to hold off its flaws. The films’ biggest problem is maintaining any kind of semblance of logic or coherence. The fact that this throws so much goofiness into the story manages to make this one seem like such a bizarre and illogical series of themes throughout here the film can’t help but just go into some outre ideas. Nothing really makes sense, from why the band is booked to perform in such a town that prohibits their kind of music to begin with, to why the town reacts to them being there and how they all came together in this location. More problematic is the fact that there’s no point in their resurrection which just happens and is cut off by the lone individual who knows before he can finish so that rules out any kind of background information on how the group is turned into zombies or why they only target those that originally wronged them. Why people who never got bitten by the band get turned into murderous zombies either is never brought up and as a whole nothing about the film makes any kind of logical sense. As well, the cheapness might be a major deterrent here from the overall look of the production to the storyline and how the zombies look and act which isn’t for everyone, but overall this one is mostly undone but not making any kind of sense.