Dirty O’Neil (1974)

Despite originally having big dreams of one day joining the LAPD,police officer Jimmy O’Neil has instead decided to stay as a local cop of a small Texas town.With the most serious crime committed being an old married couple having a food fight,O’Neil passes the time in the sleepy town by being the head coach of a local all-girls basketball team,and also by playing “cop (s) and robbers” with all of the beautiful girls based in the town.Shortly after O’Neil has finished his final patrol of the night,a gang suddenly ride in to town,who after killing the owner of a gas station,begin to plan on how to open this sleepy town wide apart.

For the screenplay of the film,writer/director Leon Capetanos, (who became the director,after the original director:Lewis Teague was fired) keeps the first hour of the film cheerfully sunny-side-up.With Jimmy O’Neil (played by a fun, Morgan “Blade Runner” Paull )handling his police duties with a smooth charm and easy going flirting,that along with calming the towns folks nerves,also leads to all of the beautiful girls that he meets (which include the stunning future January 1971 Playboy Playmate Liv Lindeland!) ripping their clothes off right from the moment he sets his sights on them.

During this fun movies final 30 minutes, Capetanos unexpectedly takes the film into a surprisingly restrained,serious direction.Whilst this change does lead to the movies terrific light comedy moments being pushed to the side, Capetanos decides to end the film in a weirdly gory battle,that gives the previously cheerful movie a bitter aftertaste.