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The Human Duplicators (1965)

Hugo Grimaldi’s directorial work will not win him any awards from mainstream Hollywood, but he has made his niche on the world of B-Movies.

This effort was a step up in some ways from his classic, “The Phantom Planet”, where he teamed up with production designer and associate producer Robert Kinoshita (the designer of “Forbidden Planet”‘s Robbie the Robot and the B9 bot from “Lost In Space”). For openers, this movie was filmed in color, a small process that could have perhaps helped lift “Phantom Planet” out of it’s near obscurity today.

However, for all his efforts, “The Human Duplicators” was saddled with the same problems that sank it’s predecessor: poor scripting, cheap sets and effects, borrowed soundtrack music and audio effects, even using “Phantom Planet” veteran bad guy, Richard Kiel (Jaws of “Moonraker” and “The Spy Who Loved Me”)as an android with a heart, as well as other questionable casting, such as Hugh Beaumont (“Leave It To Beaver”), which hindered the credibility of the characters, ergo so went the plot and any chance of suspense (This debate still rages when you ask the question “What if Hitchcock knew that Ted Knight would be forever associated with the egotistical, clueless TV anchorman Ted Baxter? Would he have removed him from the closing scenes of “Psycho”?).