American Commandos (1985)

The ever enjoyable to watch Chris Mitchum headlines in this rather confused Indonesian outing which appears to have at least initially the exact same plot as Arizal’s absolute classic, Final Score (again starring Mitchum). But wait……whilst the first half of the film follows the story of our man taking revenge on the scum who murdered his wife (although she technically takes her own life here) and child, about the mid way mark the plot suddenly takes a somewhat dramatic turn and we find Mitchum and his old Vietnam buddies going into the Golden Triangle to destroy the entire Heroin network!!!!!! What the hell?!!!!

Well, let’s be honest, for fellow bad movie lovers such an abrupt and delightfully illogical plot contrivance renders the film as simply glorious straight away. Add to this the plethora of highly enjoyable and completely OTT action scenes throughout and sure enough, this is indeed a highly entertaining, little known gem of a film.

Check out especially the scenes in which our hero’s drive into battle in their A-Team style, souped up armoured truck. Not only has this baby got hidden weapons seemingly all over it, but it also houses a compartment in the back wherein Mitchum drives out on a rocket launching, bullet proof motorbike! Woah!!!