Cyborg Cop (1993)

Looking at the title I thought that it would be okay. Sadly it failed a bit and the only reason is that it looks cheaply done and the effects used, if we can say effects, are laughable. The cyborg itself just looked ridiculous. Easy to spot that it just was a rubber suit. And just look at his feet, also a rubber shoe. It was also Rufus Swart last role in the business here as a cyborg just coming from the gem Dust Devil (1992).

Coming from Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) John Rhys-Davies was casted in low budgets just before his second breakthrough in The Lord Of The Rings (2001). I have to say that the acting of all was mediocre but was surprised that it contained a few nudity shots, one gratuitous by slaves working in a fabric topless. Unbelievable. The other nudity came from Alonna Shaw here as Cathy. She never made it into the business, this also being her last flick before she appeared in two episodes in two series. 

The only effect worth noticing is the replacement of a real arm into a cyborg arm. And here and there there are a few nasty shots like a slashing and the cyborg smashing his fist through a head.

Jack Ryan, the main lead was played by David Bradley who became notorious after his role in American Ninja. He came back for the main lead in Cyborg Cop 2 (1994) but also failed after wards and stopped in 1997. Sam Firstenberg, the director also came from the American Ninja flicks and tried to pick in on the Cyborg success and the Terminator flicks.