Hell’s Angels ’69 (1969)

This movie is about two dudes that most likely hung out with real Hell’s Angels after they became popular and sold-out in the late 60’s and came up with a “perfect heist” type movie using the Angels as props for their caper.

Unfortunately for their characters, the Hell’s Angels are a force of nature, similar to fire, and you can’t play with them without eventually getting burned.

And unfortunately for you, I really can’t tell much more about the movie without giving everything away. I’m not sure if the plot and character development was intended to develop over the course of the movie, or if they just made it up as they went along; but that was the main thing that made it interesting, so I’m not really able to tell you anything more without ruining it.

Oh, but the best part about the movie: they used real Hell’s Angels to play the Hell’s Angels. They even use their real names. And if you think that the REAL Oakland Angel’s were going to be in a movie in which they end up the suckers, you’ve got another think coming. As I said, the Hell’s Angels are a force of nature and are not to be trifled with. Just give them their due, and pray they let you walk away.