The Phantom Empire (1988)

Fred Olen Ray is a cool dude. He’s made over 100 movies, but this was made somewhat early on in his career. This film is a throwback to 1950’s Z-grade monster cheapies, with a bit of 1930’s serials thrown in as well. Yes, this film is beyond low budget. This is one of those flicks where they schlep a camera up to Bronson Canyon, and spend most of the movie running back and forth down the same cave. Also we get a side trip to Vasquez Rocks, which should be very familiar to fans of old sci-fi or old B-Westerns. The plot: is that really important? Just know we’ve a got a bad Indiana Jones rip-off played by Robert Quarry, his hard-drinking female second, a half-naked mute cave girl, the guy from “Reanimator”, Sybil Danning as the “Alien Queen”, and Robby the Robot shows up, amongst other foolishness I can’t even remember.

Plus Fred is just a good dude….