Yes this world has been overtaken by the apocalypse of zombie apocalypse movies and series.  Most are entertaining and that includes the new zombie comedy horror series Bunkheads which is currently available on Amazon Prime.  A group of four lovable goofballs: an oddball teacher, a floundering actress, a techie workout warrior, and an immature wannabe rapper. You may think the hordes of undead are the biggest threat during a zombie apocalypse, but annoying roommates can be almost as much trouble.  Bunkheads was created by Will Gong, directed by Lauren Klixbull, and produced by Gabriel Reiter, the self-distributed short form series stars Josh Covitt (The Mindy Project), Carly Turro (Homeland), Khalif Boyd (Criminal Minds), and Chris O’Brien (Rosewood) as roommates bunking down together during a zombie apocalypse.

The series is character driven and set predominantly in the bunker and focuses on the characters trying to survive each other more than surviving the zombies.  The amusing dialogue compliments the comedy with lines like, “We’ll put a flag up telling anyone we’re down here and hopefully zombies can’t read.”  Each character is unique and bring a variety of comedy to the show, for example, as obnoxious Kip (Chris O’Brien) can be, he’s not over the top annoying making him unbearable to watch, he’s a bit of a douchebag, but can easily be put in his place, but that only deters him temporarily.   The other three main actors do an excellent job too, Cash (Khalif Boyd), Matt (Josh Covitt),and Dani (Carly Turro). With each episode being around 15 minutes there’s a main dilemma and additionally each episode shares more personal information about each character making each episode more engaging.  I just hope it doesn’t go down the path of other comedies and get too dramatic and serious, so they better not stop making inappropriate comments and continue with their comical facial expressions and actions.

In episode 1, we learn they’re pretty casual about the apocalypse which makes it comical and also it’s established they’ve been in the bunker for a year, which works out because they know each other very well now. There is some flashbacks to when they first met and how they ended up in the very well prepare for an apocalypse bunker, but not built necessarily for a zombie apocalypse.  So in the end they basically decide to stick together another year and then after a year if they still can’t tolerate each other, they can risk everything and leave to find a better life….or become zombified. I don’t think I’d survive a year considering the only food they have is canned salmon and rice!!!

For lots more information go to Bunkheads website and social sites.