The Human Tornado (1976)

As a lover of bad movies, I definitely hit paydirt with this one. The plot isn’t really that bad, but there are a few instances where you really have to ask yourself “what the heck is going on here?”

There are many many things that make this the funniest bad movie ever. First off, Rudy Ray Moore had gotten so fat and slow when this movie was filmed that the special effects consist of speeding up the fight scenes to double time. There are also scenes where there is a slow-motion instant replay, jumping onto a ten foot high wall (by playing falling off of it backwards), naked men walking out of huge letters, and sex that literally brings down the roof (with the cable holding up the roof catching on fire).

Of course, no Rudy Ray Moore movie would be complete without a completely gratuitous and random comedy club scene where Rudy makes fun of all the customers, interposed with people doing some odd dance. There are so many things bad about this movie, but they’re bad in an entertaining way, and if you take your eyes off the movie, you might miss another mistake.