The Magnetic Monster (1953)

Forget the low budget and limited special effects. This is an exciting film. If you can transport yourself back to the time when science was young and naive, you can get caught up in this film. The “monster” is an isotope created by a mad scientist. It will, if not destroyed, eventually engulf the world. Earnest atomic scientists are in a race against time to transport it to Canada where the only instrument powerful enough to destroy it is located. Once there, they even run afoul of a jealous Canadian scientist who attempts to foil their last ditch efforts. The climax, with electricity surging and sparks flying is actually thrilling. This one has some of the laughs one expects from a low budget monster film, but it also achieves drama and excitement. The acting is even better than usual.

Now it wouldn’t be a low budget film without at least one or two cheesy special effects. Don’t miss the shot of some steel slugs tossed up and supposedly sticking to the magnetized ceiling; some of them actually roll off camera. However, this is just entertainment when combined with the taut, fast-paced story line, excellent performances and exciting climax.