Evil Laugh (1986)

You will have more fun watching the reaction on the faces when they find out who the killer is. I cannot STAND people who would spoil that, because there’s not a lot of slasher movies where the killer reveals themselves at the end, usually, you know who they are. And they usually wear masks, are in some kind of uniform, etc. While Evil Laugh is no exception to that rule, the slasher reveals themselves at the end, and my jaw dropped. With that said, this was a very notable movie for the 80’s in the slasher catagory. By 1986, the slasher heat wave was finally cooling down, a year later, it was on its last leg, but I would say out of the all, this was one of the top 10 best one of the 80’s. ( I’d probably rank it number 5, but that’s just my take on it) The kills? Pretty decent, considering. Most of them are on screen kills, I keep bringing myself over to the microwave scene. Shocking for its time, maybe not now. Recommended. Tonight, make it an Evil Laugh night….and no evil laughing throughout the show