Swamp Women (1956)

Only Roger Corman could get the most out of a rented dinghy, access to a small area of swamp and New Orleans stock footage. Man…these cool chicks are very groovy as they put the “touch” on Conners. Not really a laugh-out-loud-so-bad-it’s-good kinda film, but bad enough to keep you with it to the bad-girl end. The “action” is paced well enough and the cast is near-perfect B-movie/drive-in stuff. The 50’s style denim hot-pants are “prison issue” and with the tied-shirt halter tops they’re all ready to wrestle. Poor Touch (Mike) Conners…he has to spend half the film with his hands tied behind his back. But that only makes it necessary for the girls to do all the heavy lifting as they plod through the swamp and pull the boat through the shallows. It’s “African Queen” meets “Gator Girls” complete with diamonds, booze, guns, a homemade spear and an alligator that can’t float. Holy cow!