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Hundra (1983)

Hundra Needs A Baby – that sums up this film minus the fighting of course. Hundra comes home one day to find her family and own kind killed from a raid on their village. The clan of the wolf is to blame. Hundra hates men – all men BUT the wise sage woman tells Hundra to find of the wolf clan men and to have a baby in order to keep there kind going, since they are the last of their kind. Then our movie really begins… Hundra goes out to hunt for a man of the wolf clan to have a baby with.

The movie is alright – not too bad. The acting is lacking a bit but it’s not so awful that the characters are flat.. everyone in the film was doing their best I believe. It’s a sincere film with a handful of comical scenes (like the belching & farting man).

This is a pretty decent sword and sorcery type of movie if you like the Conan types of films – except this one is focused on a female barbarian.