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Killer Kid (1967)

KILLER KID is a well shot but rather dull spaghetti western, with a muddled storyline that doesn’t really go anywhere and action scenes which, while passing the time, don’t really amount to much. The story as a whole feels more than a little repetitive and disjointed.

Genre regular Anthony Steffen plays an outlaw who’s being hunted by cruel and vindictive American soldiers eager to thwart a group of Mexican revolutionaries. Steffen is suspected of colluding with the enemy, but his actual persona is more complex and he becomes involved in a murky narrative involving the gung-ho rebels, beautiful women, and the completely ruthless soldiers hunting for the enemy.

Steffen is an acceptable lead but I thought that Fernando Sancho really overacted in this movie, spoiling his character somewhat. Despite a plentitude of action scenes, KILLER KID never really grips or involves the viewer and I was personally left waiting for it to end so I could do something more interesting.