The Movie Title Stills Collection

It’s not often that we take a close look at the opening titles for a film. Sometimes, we arrive late to the theater and miss them entirely…and if we’re at home, they offer a great opportunity to put the butter on the popcorn and grab a beer from the fridge. Thankfully, the amazing Movie Title Stills Collection is here to save us from ourselves.

Filled with high-resolution opening title screencaps (and a whole bunch of end titles, too) from 1920 through the present day, this collection is a great way to explore the design and typography of opening title sequences as they’ve developed over the years.

For instance, the ’20s and ’30s sections are full of classic Art Deco style opening frames from such notable films as KING KONG and FREAKS (pictured below).

There are also some classic images from ’70s and ’80s-era horror films, including the following images that you all may fondly recall…

These are just a smattering of all the great title screens available in the Movie Title Stills Collection. An amazing resource for anyone who cares about the rich history of those film artists who practiced their craft in the pre-digital era…and also for those looking for new inspiration in today’s digital landscape.