Actresses You Should Know

With so many talented actresses in B movies it’s difficult to stand above the rest.  These four young actresses have been in many recent movies and are booked for a lot more and they are quite talented. Frankly it’s time you met them.

Jamie Bernadette:

If you follow Jamie Bernadette on Twitter or Facebook you’ll constantly see posts of her auditioning and signing on to new films.  In addition to horror she’s been in the comedies ‘MILF’ and ‘Celebrity Sex Tape’.

Jamie costars with Arielle Brachfeld in the upcoming ‘Axeman at Cutter’s Creek’.  Arielle also stars in Brandon Scullion’s ‘Live-In Fear’ and she was outstanding in ‘The Haunting of Whaley House’.

Stephanie Greco also was in ‘The Haunting of Whaley House’ and she teams up again with Arielle in ‘Chemical Peel’ and is in the upcoming ‘Hansel and Gretel’

‘Chemical Peel’ stars Arielle, Stephanie, and Natalie Victoria. Natalie currently has eight films in pre or post production that include horror, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, and drama. It’s important to note too that she’s a big White Sox, Bears, and Bulls fan.

In addition to starring in ‘Chemical Peel’ Natalie and Arielle co-wrote it with Arielle’s husband and director Hank Braxtan along with writer Dan Sinclair.

Be sure to check out their IMDB pages and the Facebook pages for their upcoming films.

IMDB resumes:






Facebook page for ‘Axeman at Cutters Creek’ starring Jamie and Arielle


Facebook page for ‘Chemical Peel’ with Stephanie, Natalie & Arielle


Facebook page for ‘Hansel and Gretel’!/pages/HG-the-movie/452025398171480?fref=ts


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