What if? B Movie Channel

There are excellent existing channels on cable or satellite to get our B movie fix.  However, we deserve more.  Typically we have to set our DVR for late night or wait a week for a shark, zombie, creature, or horror and it can feel like eternity sometimes.  Just a dream but maybe a few producers can get together to create the B Movie channel?

Why not?  I asked Lloyd Kaufman how he got his Troma Channel on Comcast.  There are three important factors I was told.  35 years of studio experience, Yale degree, and groveling.  I’ll take care of the groveling.  Combined studio experience is probably over a century more than needed and finally equal or greater than a Yale degree…done!

Next is to put the plan in action:

  1. We already know what type of channel we want.
  2. Headquarters: I offer to kick my daughters out of their bedroom.
  3. Focus groups of potential viewers.  We can conduct that on our Facebook page.
  4. Compare and contrast to existing channels.  Existing channels are slowly moving from B movies to TV series and possibly format changes.
  5. Need to write an executive summary detailing our plan which should include graphics, programming grid, demographics and a five year plan.
  6. Get some advertisers to back us up.  Personally I chow down a bag of Doritos typically so I’ll write up a letter for them.  All other suggestions are welcome.
  7. We all chip in our I.T. and video expertise.
  8.  Now the exhausting part.  Many phone calls to cable distributors to get picked up.


Once the channel is live why not add some series to air?

‘Writers on the Storm’ Several writers at a coffee shop with their laptops type and brainstorm new movie ideas and scenes.

‘Director’s Cut’ Several directors at a martini bar have laughs ripping on the writers and their work.

‘The Producers Corner’ Several producers hang out at a smoke shop with cigars while determining which script they will produce and which director to hire.

‘Youngbloods’ Premiere of a young director or producers first feature length film.

‘Casting Call’ A show that will share information on new films auditioning for cast members.

The fans of course would have a big part of what movies are aired and when.  Here’s just an example of a day’s schedule.