A New Creature Feature Hope:Titan Global Entertainment

With the American Film Market commencing any day now, we can expect to hear about a plethora of exciting new b-movie titles. Like, for example, two new monster movies being distributed by Titan Global Entertainment: Jurassic Attack and Poseidon Rex.

Jurassic Attack stars Corin “King of Syfy” Nemec, Vernon “Let off some steam, Bennett!” Wells, Gary Stretch (Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus), and Alicia Ziegler (Wolf Town) as soldiers that find themselves at war with prehistoric dinosaurs.

The second monster movie Titan Global Entertainment announced, we have no plot synopsis for, no cast, no crew, no nothing – nothing except for this wonderful, wonderful artwork. Based on this artwork alone, I’m already ascribing Poseidon Rex a four-knife review.