Breaking Santa

Astron 6 – the Canadian film collective responsible for Father’s Day – love Christmas. The love it so much, in fact, that they wanted to give you a present. A festive treat, of sorts. And so here it is, an Astron 6 holiday special.Astron-6 are a group of guys we all need to be keeping our eye on, that is if you’re a fan exploitation and bat-s*it crazy filmmaking. These guys gave us what looks to be an instant classic in Father’s Day among a host of many horror shorts, two of which you can view below.

So what’s next for these guys? Well, they are going back to their roots and are working on another horror short with a Christmas theme which is entitled Breaking Santa. The guys over at Fangoria scored the first teaser poster and stills and we have a few for your viewing pleasure.

Astron-6 seem to have somewhat of a tradition with Christmas, instead of spending time celebrating the Holidays, they unleash a Christmas themed short. T

What can we expect from Breaking Santa? Adam Brooks of Astron-6 said to Fangoria:
“BREAKING SANTA is just a fun, goofy short, but it’s also a bit insane. I think you’ll dig it. We didn’t worry about any formal stuff with it. It’s like a crazy nightmare; something we didn’t have to take as seriously. Something fun.”

Scroll down below for Breaking Santa.