Holiday Horror

Santa’s coming for some of you depending on your personal beliefs and so is the holiday season and that means its time for you to sit down and enjoy some holiday cheer and mayhem.

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not you will still find pleasure hopefully in checking out these 6 Christmas horror movies that deliver no sugar, no spice just pure evil ( and a few laughs )

These movies have Santa, Jack Frost, Silent Night and so much more… the catch is… all of these Christmas movies have murderous intentions. Without further ado, 6 Horror Christmas Movies you should see!
Santa Slay:

Santa Slay is the perfect Christmas movie. Bill Goldberg stars as the kind of Santa that nobody wants to believe in. Rather then being a jolly fat man in red this Santa is a ripped and deranged demon out to destroy not just Christmas but the world.

Hell bent on destroying the world Santas Slay is all kinds of b-movie awesomeness and is the perfect film to kick off your Christmas Movie Horror Holidays! This movie is so terrible its awesome.

6 Christmas Horror Movies For The Holidays
Black Christmas:

Really how can you go wrong with the ultimate classic Christmas movie. A sorority of girls finds that things are not so jolly when a deranged killer starts calling on the phone and soon follows it up with some grizzly killings.

This 1974 Canadian horror movie directed by Bob Clarke and written by Roy Moore is one of the true greats in the horror genre and happens to also be about Christmas.

6 Christmas Horror Movies For The Holidays

People argue that Gremlins is not a horror movie and to that I counter what is not scary about little reptilian monsters that want to eat the flesh off your face?

Gremlins is easily one of the best comedic horror movies ever made.I mean how can you not love a movie about a cuddly little pet that when fed after midnight multiplies into hundreds of hungry and psychopathic monsters. I loved all the Gremlins movies but the first one is a real Christmas delight.

6 Christmas Horror Movies For The Holidays
Dont Open Till Christmas:

Twas the Night before Christmas and nothing was stirring cause Santa is DEAD! Dont Open till Christmas is a classic horror tale set in England where the christmas spirit has a killer suddenly killing Santas.

In Dont Open Till Christmas it really is a bad day to be the mall santa.

6 Christmas Horror Movies For The Holidays
Jack Frost:

Jack Frost has made many of my top lists and is easily one of my favorite b-movies. This is not the family friendly film starring Michael Keaton. Rather this film stars Shannon Elizabeth being ‘abused in the bath tub’ by a deranged killer snow man. Seriously this movie has everything a b-movie should have.

Cheesy one liners, a silly killer in the form of a Snow man named Jack Frost and Shannon Elizabeth as eye candy what isnt there to like? This movie much like Santa Slay is so bad its awesome.

6 Christmas Horror Movies For The Holidays
Silent Night Deadly Night:

Nothing is worse then a murderous Santa. In this film much like Santa Slays we find ourselves caught in the cross hairs of a murderous Santa.

This go around its the story of a tormented Teen who goes bananas after his parents are killed and he finds himself abused at the orphanage. Silent Night… Deadly Night… if this guy lives in your neighborhood your best living 2 blocks over.

6 Christmas Horror Movies For The Holidays

There you have it six Christmas Horror Movies to enjoy with the family. Whats on your list?