Fire From Below

Writers keep coming up with new ideas where strange phenomena cause great destruction. Unfortunately, while Fire From Below (2009) features a threat from an unusual source, not much else in this B-movie is new or compelling, although the special effects are at least passable. The screenplay features the usual cadre of clichĂ©d characters, sprouting the same kind of drivel that you’ve heard a thousand times before. Complementing the uninspired screenplay, are some weak acting performances and unrealistic looking sets. The finish seems relatively exciting, only because what preceded, is so dull and ridiculous. Be sure not to confuse this film with Steven Seagal’s Fire Down Below (1998).

Seismologist Jake Denning (Kevin Sorbo) and his fiancĂ© Dr. Kerrie Watkins (Maeghan Albach) are on their way to a lake for a little relaxation, however a destructive phenomenon occurring in the area ruins their plans. A dangerous lithium isotope has been released from a mine, and has somehow become “animated”. The threat is manifested as floating balls of light, and moving shafts of flame that take flight, causing fires, death, and destruction, as the substance seeks water. If this sounds completely whacko, the plot is actually dumber than it sounds.

Denning and Watkins are detained by the Government, and begin working with the military, after everyone in a town near the lake is found dead. Drake Industries, a mining company is responsible for releasing the unstable “L6 lithium”, which could possible cause a nuclear reaction. Despite the dangers, slimy Taylor Drake (Matthew Tompkins) the head of the company, is focused solely on profits, and is held back only by his scientific advisor Dr. Reign Palmer (Alex Meneses), his advisor and liaison with the Government. Eventually it is determined that the detonation of explosives deep in the mine will make things safe, as matters wind up in a rather predictable fashion.

If you appreciate bad disaster flicks, Fire Down Below may just be a winner. The premise is silly, and the awful dialog leads to some pretty terrible acting performances. It’s perfect for the Sy Fy Channel, where it has already been featured.