The Big Oscar Snub Of 2012

The Academy Awards are drawing near once again and with 2012 being one of the most incredible years for film in recent memory, it will be a show for the books. Unfortunately with every new year though comes a list of extremely talented filmmakers that sadly don’t receive the recognition they deserve so I’ve decided to once again dedicate this compilation to those that we all love but simply didn’t make it in. Of course everyone will have different opinions on who should win and who shouldn’t so this is simply our combined thoughts on who was snubbed in 2012.

Much like last year, I’ve decided to create a formal tribute to those films and the talent behind them in specific categories of the Oscars much like you would see during a normal ceremony broadcast. These films and the actors/crews that put them together deserve recognition so this is my “thank you” to them. Enjoy!

The films in the list includes: “The Grey”, “Django Unchained”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Life of Pi”, “Looper”, “Cloud Atlas”, “Killer Joe”, “Compliance”, “The Intouchables”, “Samsara”, “Beyond the Black Rainbow”, “Moonrise Kingdom” and more.

Music tracks used:

i) All Boundaries Are Conventions – “Cloud Atlas”
ii) A Life in a Day – “Looper”
iii) Everything Comes Around – “Looper”

A congratulations to all of this year’s official Oscar nominees.

Edited by Nick Bosworth