Spiders 3D To Get 3D Theatrical Release

Just last week we reported about the upcoming Spiders 3D release The release will be in theaters and Premium VOD February 8, 2013 and then Spiders will hit DVD and VOD March 12, 2013. At the time we noted that there was no 3D release and we were quite upset about it. If any movie deserves a full blown 3D release its a b-movie about giant killer spiders.

We received an update from a reader wrote in to us to let us know that AMC was showing it in 3d telling us quote;
The poster for it that’s up at my AMC has 3D on it huge in the upper left corner. I asked them about it and they said they are supposed to be getting it there. I’m assuming it’ll be in 3D and will only go watch it there if it’s actually shown that way,

This morning we also received confirmation from the films publicity manager that the movie will in fact get a 3D release. She tells us that Spiders is going to get a 3D Release in theaters but that it will also be streaming in 3D on Video on Demand. I was not even aware that Video on Demand had the ability to stream 3D movies to the masses so it seems we learned two things today.
Spiders 3D is to me an example of a classic 3D movie. Sure it may look a bit b-movie and the concept of cgi animated giant spiders might put off some of you but I know that many of you like me watched the trailer, heard me say 3D and in your head you whispered ‘awesome’.

Checkout the trailer below.