“Chemical Peel” – Arielle Brachfeld

“A bachelorette party turns into a nightmare when the women are trapped in their secluded home while the wilderness around them burns”.

A couple of the stars Arielle Brachfeld, and Stephanie Greco have worked together on previous films.  Arielle starred in “The Haunting of Whaley House” with Stephanie.  Arielle also has multiple genre films due out this year. Stephanie stars as Gretel in The Asylum’s recently released “Hansel & Gretel” and has several movies and TV in the works.

“Chemical Peel” was produced and directed by Hank Braxtan and he co-wrote it along with Arielle, Natalie Victoria, and Producer Dan Sinclair. So how was it working with this writing team? Arielle was very kind to let us know and to share the “Chemical Peel” filming experience with B-Movie Nation.

Arielle, “It was the first time I ever got to be involved in a character’s birth! It all started because Natalie and I wanted to work on a project together. Hank suggested we make it happen, so Hank, Natalie, and I sat down and hashed out an all female premise over dinner.” Arielle told B-Movie Nation.  “I really wanted to play an antagonist (as a nice change of pace from the characters I normally play) and we had our house at the time available for a location. The rest kind of snowballed from there. Dan came on board to write the actual script based on the premise and character types we came up with. We gave Dan a basic, bare bones outline of an idea, and he turned around and brought the concept to life. All of us were involved in fine tuning the script and concept, and I think we all brought a cool, unique voice to the story.”


Hank Braxtan and Arielle are currently married, so I was assuming they were newlyweds during the filming. Arielle corrected me and shared how it was working with Hank.  “Actually, we were engaged during filming. :)Hank and I met on my first film Return of the Ghostbusters, so our relationship has always involved movie-making. It’s wonderful being able to share a professional passion with your significant other! However, when we’re on set, our relationship is that of actor and director. I will say it was kind of weird having Hank direct me in a scene where I had to kiss another character. I think it’s important to try and have the distinction as best as you can between your personal life and the film making process. It’s so much harder than it sounds! Fortunately, we do work very well together, and there were only a couple of times that I felt we treated each other in a husband-wife type way. But, at the end of the day, the stress and joys of this crazy process brought us even closer together. It’s pretty cool looking back and knowing that he and I together were able to play a huge role in creating this movie.” Arielle told us “We got married after filming. My character’s engagement ring is the real thing”

Finally I had to ask Arielle. Is there’s anything you and Hank would like to say about the movie and any teasers like a big shocking moments, twists, etc? “I think that if there’s one thing I’d say about the movie is that it has heart. It’s important to note that we embarked upon the whole process out of love for film making. We just wanted to do our best within our limited means, and see what we could create. As for twists, shocking moments, and awesome effects, you guys are going to just have to watch the movie! I suck at keeping secrets and surprises. I’m doing my best here to not give away any spoilers!” Arielle shared. “Also, I’m not privileged to say anything yet in terms of the release. Big news coming soon, though!”

In that case we’ll track “Chemical Peel” and share the big news once we find out.  A huge B-Movie Nation thank you to Arielle and Hank Braxtan!

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