“Birdemic 2: The Resurrection” Five Quick Questions with Alan Bagh


The first Birdemic started a Birdemican cult.  “Birdemic 2: The Resurrection”, far exceeded my expectations and that cult is sure to grow.

Producer, director, writer James Nguyen along with producer Jeff Gross and actor Alan Bagh, were traveling between cities in the United States and Europe attending screenings of “Birdemic 2: The Resurrection”.  I was fortunate enough to attend the Chicago screening and meet the Birdemic trio.  The crowd was grateful that they stuck around to do a Q&A with the audience after the film along with selling merchandise and autographs.


Sometimes directors and actors try to be over the top in sequels.  I really appreciated how James did not try to be more dramatic with too much action.  Same with Alan and Whitney, they were the Rod and Nathalie we knew and loved in “Birdemic: Shock and Terror”.  Such a great on screen couple! Nathalie’s mom was even pressuring Alan on marriage (Birdemic 3?) and grandchildren (Birdemic 4???).



James stuck to the basics that the fans appreciated in the first film.  Some moments include, but are not limited to: Long walking scenes, plenty of driving, staying on an actor for a minute after they deliver their line, drawn out clapping, “he’s dead”, “she’s dead”, and an adequate amount of the infamous high fiving.  Those moments weren’t just thrown into the movie, they were typically positioned to help the story move forward.



In addition to the expected Global Warming message James drills into us.  He also sends a message about genre films as he worked in some classic films references in it. Jaws, Sunset Boulevard, along with a homage to Billy Wilder.



James writes some dialogue that’s so simple it’s brilliant.

Bill “Nice to meet you”

Nathalie “Yes”


Gloria “What can I do to repay you?”

Bill “A LOT!”



Jellyfish attack

Waving goodbye to Doctor Jones and people in the background wave too.

Blurred faces (mostly for legal reasons according to James).

CGI ambulance pulling away.

Sex scene with Bill and GloriaTthe cameraman multiple times tried to get in on the action or he did a great job to make the audience feel like we were actually between Bill and Gloria.

Product placement.  The group decides to get a drink from a Pepsi machine and coke comes out.  I think I saw an A&W being drank too in the same scene.




If “Birdemic 2” is playing in your city, you have to see it!  The Birdemicans are fun and they will make the movie even more enjoyable with their cheers, chants, and laughs.

If not, you can own it (as a download) here:


Alan Bagh, (Rod) is a down to earth, laid back guy.  Despite being busy while traveling with James and Jeff, he took time out for B Movie Nation’s “Five Quick Questions.”


Five Quick Questions with Alan Bagh


I read that you and Whitney were given only portions of the script before filming Birdemic, but you received the entire script for Birdemic 2. Did that help you get into and understand your role better?

ALAN: That is true. Well I was playing the same character(rod) as I was in the first one so my character didn’t really change that much. I pretty much tried to replicate rod from the first one.



What was the biggest difference in production that you experienced between Birdemic and Birdemic 2?

ALAN: It was a more professional and organized set. This time we had a crew, great crafty, and a producer (Jeff Gross) which helped a lot. Also, hours were shorter. We got to shoot at the jaws and la brea tar pit museum locations which was pretty awesome. Everything this time was much smoother.



It appears there was quite a bit of filming in public spaces. Since it was not on a closed set, as an actor, were there distractions that you had to overcome and how did you manage blocking out the distractions?

ALAN: There was a few times when it wasn’t a closed set but I didn’t get distracted. I tried to stay focused and the other actors helped out with this as well.



When you’re not acting or auditioning what do you do in your spare time, have any hobbies, an additional profession, or activities that you do?

ALAN: I like to go to the beach and relax. Also I enjoy going to the gym. I love to travel. I love to hang out with my family and friends.



With the exception of “Ghost Shark,” is there anything else you’re currently working on that we’ll see you in the near future?

ALAN: I have been getting quite a lot of offers to play on other films. I’m not at liberty to say anything about them yet but if you want to keep updated. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter @alanbagh.

Wishing Alan the best of luck, and hopefully will see him in more films, especially Birdemic 3.


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