Shark Hunter

I really love bad movies. The lower the budget and more ridiculous premise the better. If you throw in some awful acting and bad special effects (and those are just a given) then you have the icing on a really bad B-movie cheesefest that doesn’t disappoint-unless you are expecting something good, then it will probably disappoint. My favorite bad movies are of the monster variety-especially when they involve sharks. Bad shark horror movies are easy to come by and they never fail to make me laugh. Shark Hunter with Antonio Sabato Jr. is no exception.

This film tells the story of Spencer Northcut (Sabato). A young man with the name of a Viking who sees his parents killed and devoured by a megalodon shark-an ancient (and very extinct) member of the shark family that makes the Great White look like Peter Dinklage standing next to Shaq–only in shark form. Despite the trauma of seeing his parents consumed by an ocean dweller, Northcut dedicates his life to the ocean and helps invent the mother of all submarines. After the megalodon takes out an underwater facility, Northcut is enlisted by his friend to help figure out what happened-remember, the megalodon is suppose to be extinct. After saying yes and boarding the biggest freaking submarine to ever exist and seems to only be piloted by 4 people (until the body count needs to be increased then the rest of the crew shows up), Northcut quickly learns that the beast that took his parents is still out there and the rest of the team wants the damn thing alive…and you know what happens when that decision is made.