Jared Cohn and Atlantic Rim

When the floor of the Atlantic Ocean rips open, flooding the East Coast with giant monsters, Academy Award nominee Graham Greene recruits ex-“Baywatch” lifeguard David Chokachi to join Naughty by Nature’s Anthony “Treach” Criss and 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck’s Jackie Moore in piloting giant robots built to protect the world from these monstrous menaces. If Atlantic Rim has a sense of humor about its origins, one of the giant robots will be named “Toro”.

Piloting the film is Jared Cohn, director of The Asylum’s first-ever theatrical release Hold Your Breath.

The role of the East Coast of the United States is played by the Gulf Coast’s Pensacola, Florida, the actual location where the movie was shot.

Though the trailer and artwork bills the movie as Atlantic Rim, according to Amazon and all other retailers, the film Asylum is releasing to Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD on July 9th – three days before the opening of Pacific Rim. I’m hoping that’s going to change back to Atlantic Rim because if you’re going to go full-on mockbuster, then you might as well go all the way with it.

We spend a few minutes with Jared Cohn discussing his film, Atlantic Rim

1. What is Atlantic Rim About?

First of all thanks so much for having me on B Movie Nation. I really appreciate you having me on here!

Atlantic Rim is about Sea Monsters Vs. Giant Robots, but it is also a story about camaraderie and friendship. The movie is pure entertainment, filled with action, so the viewers won’t get bored!

2. What is it like directing a film for The Ayslum.

It’s great, this is my 5th movie I have directed for them so they have some degree of trust with my ability which is nice because when I am free to get creative, that is when I feel my strongest work comes out. I get a lil bolder with the direction and shots and acting and we get some really original stuff. Of course, we have to do this all on a tight budget and schedule but that is where creativity and mental endurance play a factor, it can be rough dealing with certain factors, but every movie is going to have it’s challenges. I personally enjoy tackling the difficulties. I love making movies, and I love the Asylum, they have really been very kind to me, so for me to be a director for them is a win-win.

3. Who worked on the film with you, did you have a second unit director?

I have a great cast and crew, everyone for the most part was really cool. Paul Sinor, a very cool guy who did movie co-ordination for the Defence Department was our 2nd Unit Dir. We used real naval wardrobe, followed actual protocol and had some very authentic locations, so he was instrumental in helping us out in big ways. He knew the whole town of Pensacola, so they really opened up to us and let us film pretty much wherever we wanted.

4. Who Stars in the movie

We had some serious star power. Academy award nominated actor Graham Greene, David Chokachi from Baywatch and TREACH from Naughty by Nature. We also had the lovely Jackie Moore and my good friend Demetrius Stear in the movie. Everyone in the cast got along really well. It was a great experience, not only would we work together but we all bonded and hung out after we wrapped sometimes.

5. Its called Atlantic Rim, but you shot the film in Pensacola…how was that

Well, we cheated some of the locations, but a good amount of the film is CGI and interiors so cheating FL for other locations wasn’t too difficult, also some of the plates for the CGI work was captured in NY itself, so when it is all cut together with the effects it all worked really well.

6.What other films have you made and whats your background?

I have made numerous films for The Asylum. I graduated film school and have been acting for 10 years. I am from a small town in Long Island, NY. I knew that I had to leave that place ASAP. So, I did and went to LA to be an actor. I was always somewhat an outsider to people in Long Island, and that suburban lifestyle I felt could have been pretty stifling if I stayed. Choosing to be an actor was more of a necessity than anything else. I am a creative type, so working a 9-5 I knew would have been suicide for me!

I have a one scene cameo in the movie, I always like to get in front of the camera from time to time, even if it’s just for a quick moment. People can check out my work at www.JaredCohn.com and follow me on twitter @TrapLightMedia I stay busy with various projects, and also shoot and edit videos for people, do photography for a variety of things. I like staying busy and being creative.

7. Whats next for Jared Cohn?

I am finishing up starring in a thriller called Feed The Devil. Feedthedevil.com – was shot on 35mm. I have sold a couple of more scripts and am in pre-production on a few movies. I got another one with The Asylum that will hopefully start up soon. In this industry you never really know what’s next unless you control the resources. But, I enjoy the ride and again, follow me on FB or twitter – all at www.JaredCohn.com – stay tuned. Thanks again for having me on here.

Thanks Jared, check out Atlantic Rim.