Polyscope Media Group is pleased to announce that NEC Display Solutions, the world leader in digital projection, has joined the B Movie Road Tour as a lead sponsor. “It is obvious that NEC is deeply committed to the theatrical experience,” said Bill Dever, founder of The B Movie Road Tour. “With NEC, you have a company that truly wants to enable the independent movie theatre.”
In an attempt to bring back that drive-in movie magic to theatres, Polyscope Media Group LLC., in conjunction with The B Movie Celebration, has conceived the 2013 B Movie Road Tour. The Road Tour is a summer long celebration of drive-in movies, and the movie-going experience.
The goal of the tour is to make movies fun again.
“I grew up going to the movies,” said Jim Reisteter, General Manager of Digital Cinema at NEC Display. “NEC fully understands that theatres are not only a place of business, but a key contributor to the American experience, and we as a company are deeply committed to celebrating that experience.”
With the introduction of the NC900C projector, NEC offers exhibitors affordable technology, which enables smaller theatres an entrée to the new digital age.
The Road tour heads off the first week of July.
With the participation of NEC, the organizers of the B Movie Road Tour hope to help audiences nationwide re-discover their passion for the B Movie/Drive-in movie experience. As of the date of this release, 136 theatres have committed to participating in this year’s tour, including drive-in theatres.
And by the way June 6, 2013, was the 80th Anniversary of the Drive-In Movie Theatre.
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About The B Movie Road Tour
Evolving from the B Movie Celebration, The B Movie Road Tour is an attempt to re-ignite the magic that was the drive-in experience. Founded by Bill Dever and Avery Battles, the road tour will visit 130 plus theatres this summer in an attempt to show American audiences what classic movie-going was truly about.
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