Five Quick Questions with Scott Wheeler – “Avalanche Sharks”

 Scott Wheeler has about eighty special effects credits and a half dozen directing credits. He’s worked on countless Asylum films and many other popular B movies, “Sand Sharks,” “Dragon Wasps,” and “Dracano” are just a few examples.  Scott also has a couple hilarious comedies on his directing resume with, “MILF” and “Celebrity Sex Tape.” 

Next, Scott takes a dip into the shark tank.  Some critics say that shark films have been exhausted.  The more I hear that, the more I want to see new creative shark attack movies.  “Sharknado” is coming up soon and so will Scott’s new film “Avalanche Sharks.”  Maybe soon it will be, “Sewer Sharks,” “Central Park Sharks,” “Internet Sharks,” “Road to Mecca Sharks,” “Skyscraper Sharks,” “Strip Club Sharks,” or combine Scott’s movies…”MILF vs Sharks,” the list is endless! 


Five Quick Questions with Scott Wheeler – “Avalanche Sharks” 

First off, where is “Avalanche Sharks” currently in production, and when will it be released?

SCOTT: We shot “Avalanche Sharks” in Mammoth Lakes California last March. It was eating the end of the season so we got wonderful weather and luckily enough snow! Everyone had fears of freezing to death filming the movie, which fortunately didn’t come to pass. Especially since we had some of the actresses in Bikinis for the whole movie. Avalanche should be out by the end of the year.


Was it ideal for you doing the special effects, since you had visuals in mind being the director?

SCOTT: It helps in so many ways to be directing and doing the visual effects. A lot of people think that since I am from the VFX world that I would throw effect after effect into a movie. It’s better to have a firm idea of what you are and are not doing on these kinds of budgets. The tendency can be to just shoot and figure it all out when you are editing. Unfortunately since these movies are done so quickly and released so fast you can paint yourself into corners that only more visual effects shots can get you out of. This, as you can imagine. strains the profitability.

On Avalanche I had the double benefit of having Christian McIntire shooting a lot of second unit as well as being there when we shot the VFX sequences. He’s an extremely talented artist as well as director and his input and insights were invaluable.


How was it working with Emily Addison on a comedy and then a sci-fi/horror film?

SCOTT: I don’t think I can say enough good things about working with Emily. She is fun, sexy, sweet and professional. On Avalanche she was tortured with some cold days like the rest of us, however, she had to endure the cold in nothing but a bikini and a towel. We even buried her under the snow in her bikini. I look forward to working with her on more movies in the future.


You first directed a couple Sci-Fi films, then a couple comedies, then a couple Sci-fis again. Is that a pattern that you want to continue to break things up?

SCOTT: It’s always nice to keep things diverse. I love doing comedies so I will always look to do more of those. However, “Sink Hole” is more of an emotional movie and a departure from what I have done in the past so I am really happy and excited about hearing what people think about it.

Avalanche is campy fun that doesn’t take itself serious for a moment. It’s not overt comedy like MILF or Celebrity but it has some situational comedy that should be amusing.


Any new films that you’ll be directing or working on after “Avalanche Sharks?”

SCOTT: Right now I am focusing on doing the visuals for “Sink Hole” and “Avalanche Sharks”. After that there are a few exciting projects to come that I can’t wait to get started on and talk about when the time is right. That’s such a Hollywood answer. 🙂



Keep up with Scott on his website  and IMDB as he’s always is working on something new.