Monogram Releasing presents JACK SAYS


Part film noir, part psychological thriller, all action: this is the high octane story of a poor bloke who wakes up next to a bloody body and can’t remember how he got there…follow Jack’s quest for the truth through a murky, malicious maze of death, danger and discovery…femme fatales and flashbacks….seduction of the guilty, prosecution of the innocent…it’s all here in JACK SAYS, part of the Modern British Crime Wave (The Bank Job, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) with roots in UK classics like Get Carter. Starring Simon Phillips, Rita Ramnani, Aurelie Amblard, Daniel Roberts, Rula Lenska, and the late Mike Reid.

Street date: April 3, 2009 from Monogram Releasing.

[youtube n7SsFNtbQBs]