Tara Reid denied role in “Sharknado 2

Tara Reid will not be returning for the sequel to the B-movie hit, Snarknado .

TMZ reported that producers of the sequel met in New York City to decide the direction of the film, and decided that the only cast member to return will be Ian Ziering.

“We came in, did our work, she was honestly very sweet, prepared, ready to do her stuff and did a great job,” Ziering said of working with Reid in the first Syfy film, The Inquisitir reports.
“I’ve gotta hand it to her – she was professional.”

Reid played Ziering’s estranged wife in the first Sharknado , for which they each earned $50,000. The two battled a shark-filled tornado as it ravaged Los Angeles. The sequel, which was announced last week , will be named by fans in a Twitter contest. Producers have yet to release any other information on the film.

The Twitterverse was a huge component of the success of the first film. Though Sharknado garnered almost 1.4 million viewers, it was the 5,000 tweets per minute, 604,000 total tweets, that made the movie an instant B-movie triumph.